Ability Gateway has a firm focus on inclusion and diversity. We are passionate about providing industry-leading and progressive supports for everyone we work with. 

We understand that our customers are the driving force behind reaching their goals and that the relationships we make with them, and our community are key to positive  utcomes. 

The experience our support coordinators have in direct service provision provides comfort to our customers that their coordinator has the knowledge and expertise to provide  the supports needed. 

Our focus on genuine connections with customers and community allows us to provide individualised supports and links that will enrich all areas of a customer’s life. We know that our role is to point out options and opportunities and not to make decisions on behalf of our customers and can’t wait to understand your goals and discuss the  any ways to meet them through your plan.

Support Coordination or Coordination of Supports (CoS) in a broad manner help you with the following: 

  • Understanding your NDIS Plan.
  • Connecting you with supports and services.
  • Maintaining your supports.
  • Coaching, Refining and Reflecting.
  • Reporting to the NDIA.
  • Capacity Building for Independence.
  • Prepare for and navigate unexpected events. 
  • Help you navigate complex situations.
  • Provide recommendations that are in your best interests.

Where funded, a recovery coach is a support person that have specific mental health knowledge. In addition to aspects of support coordination a recovery coach will:

  • Spend time with you, and people important to you to understand your needs.
  • Support you to engage in suitable mental health services.

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